Alen Agaronov

Doctor of Science Candidate ('20)

Social & Behavioral Sciences | Critical Media Practice


New Civics Fellow | Rose Service Learning Fellow

I’m an Applied Medical Humanist with 9+ years of experience using any media necessary to explore, discover, design, implement, and evaluate a variety of programs, products, and initiatives for the social good, with an affinity for team-based strategy and hyper-transparency of the research process. 


Following design thinking, grounded theory, and participatory approaches, I like to move between NVivo, STATA, and Adobe to analyze observations, interviews, surveys, diaries, minutes, archives, and video-documentation using ethnography, phenomenology and psychometrics using mixed and multimodal methods to gather insight into people's embodied and lived experience and meaning-making. I model this work around theories borrowed from aesthetics, anthropology, behavioral science, civics, community psychology, education, ethics, science and technology studies, sociology, and art.


My coursework, research, fellowships, and pedagogical experiences span the frontiers of the applied and theoretical realms of the arts, sciences, and humanities, including ideation, idea translation and art/science.