I’m an interdisciplinary social scientist, public health practitioner, and multimodal artist who uses mixed methods to gather insights and tell stories about people, objects, and institutions. I insist on working across the aisle in exploratory and agile teams and playing a fundamental role in the design, implementation, and evaluation of multi-million dollar, multi-level, partnership-based, domestic and international programs, from start to finish. I particularly enjoy monitoring the research processes along the way. I've previously consulted on projects for Levi Strauss & Co., Head Start childcare centers, the Children's Museum of Manhattan, among others. In design thinking fashion, I embed myself into environments to study how people experience and make meaning of the world to identify pain points and opportunities.


My toolbelt includes both present and remote forms of observation, interviews, surveys, archives, visual media, and secondary qualitative and quantitative data. I'm a persistent question-raiser and feel morally obligated to use the right methods for a given question. When I can't find a suitable method, I make my own. In previous projects I've used methods based in performance, sculpture, and video. The joy I get from showing and telling actionable stories has facilitated in strengthening organizational partnerships, improving the fidelity of projects, and uncovering striking design insights. The current pandemic and social unrest have me thinking that public health will broaden in scope and play a greater role in regular industry operations to meet the changing needs of clients as well as own employees.